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The Orlando Weekly endorses independent Michael E. Arth for Governor of Florida. 

Yes, we know: Arth has neither money nor experience, and the book How to Build a Robot Army is on his coffee table. But keep this in mind: The guy pretty much single-handedly converted a DeLand drug slum into a legitimate neighborhood within the span of a year. His ideas are actually his own, and not only that, they’re good ideas. Given that Alex Sink left us underwhelmed, and that Rick Scott is, well, Rick Scott, we’re giving ourselves permission to follow our hearts on this one.




If you think there are only two candidates running for Governor of Florida, you are wrong! But that is what the Democratic and Republican Party Machines want you to believe. It benefits both of them to retain the status quo, where the differences between them are small and safe, and whoever wins will remain indebted to the powerful Corporate interests that put them in place. There IS another choice and his name is Michael E. Arth.
Michael is the Best-Kept Secret in Florida, and be assured that Alex Sink and Rick Scott hope to keep him that way by refusing to debate him and freezing him out of our democratic process.But with your help - Michael, his dedicated team, and Stand Up Florida plan to break through the barriers set up to silence his voice for true change by his putting Principles Above Party!

Michael, on the Campaign and Florida's Future:
"I have been asked a number of times to quit the race in order to help a bad candidate get elected to keep out a worse one. Before you start thinking about that, you must know that if either Sink or Scott wins, nothing of any substance will change in Florida. The Governor will fly around the state in a private jet practicing the art of the non-answer. The special interests will still buy votes. The lobbyists will still peddle influence.The state will lumber along in debt, without proper services. There will not be a state bank, and the private banks will continue to funnel profits out of state."We at Stand Up Florida are the largest, all-volunteer, grassroots GLBT Alliance organization in the state, and our special concern will always be the total welfare of our community.For too long, we have been treated as second-class citizens, and, worse: this treatment has been codified into discriminatory laws.We cannot adopt children in Florida - the only state in the union to have passed a law so restrictive that NO exceptions apply.Many, many other discriminatory laws exist to tell us we are not as valuable as all other Floridians. And, of course, Florida passed a Constitutional Amendment barring us from Equality in Marriage and even Civil Unions.Rick Scott is unequivocally against any relief for the GLBT community and is obviously against Equal marriage.And Alex Sink, whose campaign attempts to lure us in as if she were an ally, also is against Equal Marriage, claiming she supports Civil Unions and not Marriage, on 'religious grounds'. Separation of church and state meant everything to our Founding Fathers but nothing to these two candidates. And the 14th Amendment appears to mean nothing to them either when it comes to our Equality.
Michael, on Sexual Orientation Discrimination:
"Our gender and our sexual orientation comes to us courtesy of nature, lightly seasoned with our nurturing. Discriminating on the basis of these differences, or insisting that certain consenting adults cannot marry appears to be some combination of discriminatory, uninformed, intolerant, cruel, and unethical."This is a most profound statement, and he follows up by pledging his full support for all of our issues, clearly including Marriage Equality.Please join us in learning about this embattled candidate and remarkable man.Links to his various Campaign and Personal Websites are below.Read his position on all the issues and his detailed, outside-the-box, solutions for bringing Florida prosperity, growth, and full equality for all its citizens. Then we need you to join us in volunteering, donating, phone-banking, and getting out the word any way you can so Florida's Best-Kept Secret becomes a major player on a level field with those who don't want you to even know his name. Click here to read more.


David Cobb – Presidential Candidate – Green Party: "Michael E. Arth is one of our generation's Thomas Jeffersons in many ways. In addition to his work as a policy analyst, he went into a crack-infested community that was scheduled for demolition and not only saved it, but turned it into a prosperous, happy, healthy place to raise children. If he can do that on a small scale what can he do in the whole state of Florida? This is the kind of visionary thinker and problem-solver we need. I'm convinced that if Michael were simply heard by Floridians, he would be elected governor of Florida. I fully support him as the only reasonable choice. If all our leaders were like Michael, we would be living in Utopia."

--David Cobb, 2004 Green Party Presidential Candidate, Principal with Program on Corporations Law & Democracy and spokesperson for MovetoAmend.org.


Greg Gimbert – blogger in Daytona Beach – “I have known of him (Arth) for a few years and have come to known him personally for the last few months through other projects. Early on when he said he was going to run for Governor I grilled him on the specifics of many issues and he has depth and plain speaking courage like no politician I have personally known, boy I have met allot of politicians in the last 3 years too. Some have the balls to really say how they feel but don't share my interests (middle class working family of 3) and others who may say they feel as I do but are too scared to make waves with the Chamber or corp contributors such that they loose their seat.
If you ever get down real personal and grill a politician nose to nose, in private you get to look in their eyes while they make those split second decisions about what they know, what they should say, their tentativeness as they answer due to fear of your reaction. There is no such character giveaways or lack of depth on the issues when you get him one on one. There is no barrage of handlers. Just a can–do dude. I believe him to be the genuine article and will likely stay that way because he has not corrupted himself along the way through local, county and then state office. He instead DID what the politicians say cant be done unless we spend tax dollars with private companies, who are always their big campaign contributors...” Click here to read more.

Sydney Solis – blogger at Miami Herald's “Naked Politics” blog – “This is great stuff, as a dialogue in a newspaper is what democracy is all about. Let the truth be shown about just what is at hand – a democratic system hijacked by greed and corruption, leaving the American people as slaves. But now is the time for the people to rise up, as what have we got to lose? Our schools are in shambles, public funds are cut, cut cut. We are taxed to death. We need to take back our democracy and we need electoral reform so that we the people can have our country back. Michael Arth is a hero for the people.... A true modern–day David against the Goliath of the Corporotocracy greed fest our country has slide into.”
Click here to read the Miami Herald's “Naked Politics” blog where this, and many other comments, were posted.

P. Jagan Mohan – Landscape Designer – “ I am a landscape designer based in India. I had the opportunity of meeting Michael E. Arth during his trip to New Delhi, where he was invited to be a guest speaker for the ISOLA convention (Indian Society of Landscape Architects). It was indeed a wonderfull oppurtunity to see Michael in action. His child–like enthusiasm and passion was contagious. He has inspired me to dream big. What was very impressive was his clarity of thought and grip on varied and diverse fields. He was very thought provoking. His easy charm and genuine goodness has endeared him into the hearts of many people at the seminar... With his expertise on many diverse fields, superb clarity, and futuristic vision on many issues he is going to be a fantastic governer for Florida and set an example for the rest of America.
Under a facade of easy charm and casualness, I feel Michael has a razor sharp brain and is blessed with the charisma of John F. Kennedy. “Heroes are not born they are made.” Michael is a rare candidate for the post. My appeal to the wonderful and intelligent citizens of Florida is to support Michael and to for vote him as your Governor.
‘Life becomes beautiful when it is lived with a purpose and still more glorious if the purpose is to make a difference’
In the world of murky politics Michael is rare breed and surely can make a difference to the world around him.”

Eden Bright, Garden District Resident – “Ten years ago you could not get a pizza delivery in what is now known as DeLand's “Garden District”. As a Realtor, prevented from “steering” customers from a particular neighborhood, I can assure you one drive through this area was enough for most buyers to quickly ask to leave. Shot out windows, crack dealers, prostitutes were evident everywhere. Michael bought up several properties here with a vision to turn the neighborhood into a peaceful and beautiful, pedestrian–oriented community and he achieved it, running out the dealers, restoring the properties (many slated for condemnation) to their former gracious beauty, and providing a great mixed–income–age–race neighborhood where residents can feel safe and serene. What he accomplished in my opinion is truly miraculous and showed a lot of moxie, something truly lacking in today's policy makers who spout change out of one side of their mouth while continuing along with the status quo. His stance on campaign reform, green development, and many other issues are intelligent and achievable. While everyone frets and fusses over who they are going to campaign for, searching blogs and newspapers and trying to sift through the spin, I will be strolling in the evening soltitude of this cozy oasis with the assurance I have a viable candidate. If put on the ballot, Arth will finally allow me to really vote for someone I can believe in, instead of beng forced into picking the lesser of the evils. I urge people to do their homework on Michael E. Arth and really get involved in campaign reform and sustainable Florida development so we can (reverse) years of politics–as–usual...”

Paul Lachelier – Assistant Professor of Sociology, Stetson University – “I imagine most people feel downright giddy at some point in their lives upon meeting someone exciting. Often, these are romantic encounters. Sometimes, it happens upon meeting a rock star, famous athlete, politician, or other celebrity. Rarely though do people seem to get downright giddy about someone they do not have a crush on, or admire as a celebrity. One of those rare moments happened to me recently, and now it has implications for Florida's future...” Read more.

IO'N Group – “Any of you who are in the know when it comes to New Urbanism have probably already heard of the New Urban Cowboy, aka Michael E. Arth. He's the mind behind New Pedestrianism, a more extreme form of New Urbanism in which pedestrian lanes instead of streets are the main connectors, with garages and car lanes relegated to the backs of buildings. Arth is also an idealist, a visionary, and an insanely hard worker – he's one of the (too few) idealists/visionaries that have the practical know–how and gumption to see their dream through to the end, to its absolute completion.... I'd advise anyone who is overly skeptical of solutions to the problems facing our civilization to see this movie, and to pay close attention. For that matter, anyone who is overly skeptical of our capacity to work together, create positive, major change, and to fulfill our dreams, ought to take a long look at what Michael Arth has done. You just might be inspired.” Read more.

(Independent Conservative) Alex Birch, Editor of Corrupt, Inc. – “Although it was over a year since we had the chance of interviewing city architect and reconstructor Michael E. Arth, I still often reference his ideas and visions, which serve as a great source of inspiration. It was clear from the beginning when we got in contact with him that he's not just another idealistic architect with big dreams and an empty pocket. Michael's triumph, today known as the Garden District, is real proof of what one strong will can do to influence other people and create a better community for all of us.”
Read the complete article and interview here.

(Democrat) Hilliary A. Martin – Deltona, FL – “If the issues are what matters, than Michael E. Arth is absolutely capable of stepping up to the plate and delivering solutions to problems that no other political figures are addressing directly in Florida; such as the drug war, which has cost lives and taxpayer money and has delivered only negative results; and the escalating rate of homelessness in various urban and suburban communities across our state, along with many other issues. He has proven himself to be a courageous innovator, and he has shown that he is not willing to bend his principles. He has my vote as Governor for Florida in 2010.”

(Democrat) Valleri Jayne Crabtree –
“Michael Arth gave a great presentation at our June Democrats of Celebration meeting. Michael's community accomplishments are outstanding. I admired his insight, logic, and forward–thinking approach. He is obviously a thoughtful and intelligent man with well–reasoned positions on every issue we discussed and, unlike many politicians, has the courage to voice them. Whether you agree with his opinions or not, you know exactly where he stands. We were very pleased to host Michael at our meeting.”

(Republican) Maureen France, 30 year Republican Committeeperson (quoted from the Daytona News Journal) –
“He's remade part of a town. I'd like to see him remake a state... These crazy times demand a little out–of–the–box thinking and he's got it... He's never been in office; that qualifies him very well... In this day and age, the lack of leadership proves to me that it doesn't matter if you started out as a city commissioner and worked all the way to the top.”

(Libertarian) Bobby Bush
“In a world where candidates and office–holders feel compelled to get the approval of three focus groups before they can state that it's raining, Arth's website is a breath of fresh air. A man who is willing to say what he really believes instead of second–guessing what he/she thinks we want to hear is one step closer to a man who will do what he promised. His ideas may seem radical at first blush, but they're only a threat to the status quo in the areas where the status quo needs to be changed anyway. I hope everyone gives him a chance.”

(Democrat) Paul Jerome Croce, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of American Studies, Stetson University. Author of Science and Religion in the Era of William James
“We talk so much about politicians who talk instead of act, who posture with ‘positions’ to make the other guys look bad, and who distract from the problems we all suffer from. Michael Arth is a breath of fresh air offering positive solutions to make an end run around the polarizations. Are you tired of political talk that is little more than liberals calling conservatives impersonal aggressive businessmen, and conservatives charging liberals with moral degeneration? Look to Arth: he is both open–minded and market–oriented. As Sam Walton said, we don't have a shortage of resources, but a shortage of imagination. Look to Arth to find the imagination Florida needs to help us work together to solve our problems. ”

(Libertarian) Karen Kwiatkowski, Lt Col, USAF (ret), Pd.D., and talk show host
“Neither of the previously offered Florida gubernatorial candidates with deep pockets represent the people. At most promise they offer more stale ideas and a gradual growth of government at the expense of the people. The challenger, Michael E. Arth, stands for bold common sense, independent political energy and a bright, thriving localism at a time when Florida is in dire need of all three. I support Michael Arth for Governor 2010 as the only real choice for Floridians who love Florida and believe in her bright and shining possibilities.”

(Independent) Julie Speir
“I've known Michael for over 30 years, and I'm delighted that he has decided to run for governor of Florida. Michael is the most honest man you'll ever meet, and a visionary seeking sensible, innovative long–term solutions to the most challenging issues facing humanity. The people of Florida will find him to be fair and compassionate, and a real breath of fresh air from the standard fare of stale career politicians. He has already demonstrated how deeply he cares about the people of Florida, and will continue to put citizens first, working to improve Florida's quality of life on every level. Citizens of Florida will soon learn how fortunate they are to have Michael working for them.”

(Florida Green Party, Co–Chair) Jayne King
“The progressive platform of Michael E. Arth embraces true transpartisanship essential for the future of Florida.”

(Progressive Democrat) Blake Wiers, Filmmaker
“Michael and I worked together for nearly two years making a documentary about him, “New Urban Cowboy.” He's the real deal. Big time dreamer, fun and well–informed ideas, always up for a debate, pragmatism learned the hard way, and just enough pluck to pull it off. Vote for him.”

(No Party Affiliation) Big John, Radio Talk Host, WELE 1380 AM, Daytona Beach
“It's an easy decision. Arth's the only candidate who's actually done something real that I can see.”

Dr. William R. Nylen, Professor of Political Science, Stetson University, FL
“In a state with a government ‘of the developers, by the developers, and for the developers’ Michael Arth would certainly shake things up in Tallahassee. His ideas on people–friendly urban and suburban development would, in the governor's mansion, cause many a heart ailment to manifest in the halls of the overly–fed and overpaid. Land development really is Topic #1 in Florida, directly linked to the #1 ‘industry’ in Florida –– paving, building and financing –– and Michael Arth would be a breath of fresh air. If you really want to see fireworks fly in Tallahassee between the Republican/Developer hacks in the legislature and a guy who is absolutely not Politics as Usual, take a chance on Michael Arth.”

(Mr. Smith goes to Tallahassee) Posted by anonymous blogger – “Mr. Smith can't make it to Washington anymore? I'm frankly not surprised by the treatment of Mr. Arth by the party politicos. Unfortunately, that's what we've all come to expect. There just doesn't seem to be room in our system of government for an honest, hardworking, self–made man or woman who doesn't happen to have a few million dollars to buy their way into office. Keep up the good work, Mr. Arth. I appreciate your position on the issues and your willingness to break with the status quo and bring innovative solutions to address the serious socioeconomic conditions that plague our under–privileged. Please don't quit. We need you.”
Click here to read the Progress Florida blog where this was posted.

E-mail: campaign@MichaelEArth.org