Family Planning, Abortion and Overpopulation

Population growth in Florida over 100 years

Abortion is a red herring that distracts from the very serious problem of overpopulation. Every single day, around 200,000 more people are added to a planet that appears to have already greatly exceeded its human carrying capacity. According to Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson, it would take four more Earths to bring everyone up to an American standard of living. Reducing our numbers is possible with existing technology, adding more planets is not.

Abortion is not the solution to the overpopulation problem. I strongly support the laws we have on the books in this matter, but abortion should only be an action of last resort. We need to have easily available contraceptives and a public policy that will emphasize the grave responsibility involved in bringing a child into this world. It is ironic that an unwanted, abused, and fatherless child of today may become a murderer waiting for his execution on death row in 20 years.

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