The primary root causes of adult homelessness are:

  • 1. Deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill that began in 1955.
  • 2. The War on Drugs and the lack of proper treatment for substance abuse.
  • 3. Temporary circumstances that can happen to nearly anyone.
  • 4. Economic conditions that aggravate all the other causes.

Kids, families, and the temporary homeless should be reintegrated as quickly as possible through housing and other help. For most of the chronically homeless, the mentally ill, and those suffering from substance abuse (and in need of supervised housing while in treatment) we should build Villages for the Homeless. This is a humane, more efficient, and less costly approach that will also help clean up the inner cities. We must have a viable alternative for dealing with adult homelessness that does not involve living on the streets or being locked up in prison.

One major obstacle is that many of the existing agencies do not want to work together or consolidate for maximum efficiency and savings.

It is hard to argue with people whose jobs depend on not being convinced. Many people in the homeless industry are fearful that if there were systemic changes they would have to change what they do or lose their job. Many in law enforcement do not want to end the drug war because organized criminal activities, gang warfare and violence would drop and it will mean less jobs for them. Big pharmaceutical companies do not want people to self-medicate with low-cost legal marijuana or other drugs because it would cut into their profits. Private prison corporations want to build more prisons. Politicians do not want to discuss any of this because the homeless, the mentally ill, the poor, and the incarcerated do not vote or make campaign contributions.

This is where the voters come in. We need to let everyone know about the solutions and vote for candidates who are clear where they stand on the issues. Check out the website and give us your feedback. Support is building. Villages for the Homeless.

E-mail: campaign@MichaelEArth.org