Independence Day 2009 – Celebration, Florida

Michael Arth with his family and volunteers
The July 4th parade in Celebration was a lot of fun. Celebration is one of the largest New Urbanist–style new towns. It combines pre–WWII architecture with sensible town planning. Now that the trees have grown large it looks like it's been there 100 years. Brian Hadden took the photos, and Andrew Manning filmed for the documentary.

After lunch, my family and I went with three stalwart volunteers –– Brian, Andrew, and Skyler –– over to the Kissimmee lakefront for a Fourth of July jamboree. We met hundreds of people and the fireworks display was fantastic.

Michael E. Arth with his family and dedicated volunteers  Michael E. Arth greeting voters in Celebration, Florida

Michael E. Arth speaking with voters on Independence Day 2009