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“I am the Very Model of a Pragmatic Humanitarian”

The Issues

Winston Churchill once said, “The best argument against democracy is a five–minute conversation with the average voter.” He also said, “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried.”

In order to make democracy work, we have to be informed on the issues affecting our lives. Our flawed voting system – which could easily be improved – threatens our democracy by turning off voters. As I write this, there are only five issues listed on the other Democrat candidate's website. There are zero issues listed on the site for the Republican candidate. Our current Governor, who is running for U.S. Senate, also has no issues listed. If I can motivate them into putting up something of substance, it will be a small step in the right direction. However, there is a lot more to the problem than that.

A top Florida Democrat Party official told me recently me that the election is not about the issues that shape our lives. Instead, it is about the money. Of course, we already know this. Instead of producing thoughtful leaders trying to develop the best policies, our political system produces excellent fundraisers and glad-handers who can say a lot without saying anything. This has to change. How deep are you willing to go to learn how to improve our democracy? People from all across the political spectrum have taken the challenge and gotten on board after they realized their welfare is threatened by politics–as–usual. The party official was wrong; together we will prove that it really is about the issues.

How deep will you go?

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The Labors of Hercules: Modern Solutions to 12 Herculean Problems.

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Where I Stand
I am not a career politician who has learned to keep the debate corralled within the narrow range of issues shaped by personal handlers and the powers–that–be. Because of this, some of my positions may be startling to people not accustomed to hearing honest talk from a viable candidate. Sadly, this illustrates how far we have gotten from the constitutional and democratic goal of bringing the best ideas forward so the public can be informed enough to choose viable leaders.

It is my ethical and moral obligation to argue for rational policy based on the known facts, outside of political maneuvering. You may not agree with everything I say, but you will always know where I stand. You will also know that I came to my beliefs while seeking the public good outside the sphere of special interests. I want to prove the term “honest politician” is not an oxymoron and make radical transparency the new standard. Voting reform that allows us to make better choices will help keep good people stay honest.

If I can be proven wrong in my reasoning or in the facts that I have been carefully studying outside of government for the last 15 years, I will change my position. I also hope that others will be able to do the same, and if they do not I will let them know about it. We must streamline our government. Politics–as–usual only knows how to grow fat with each passing year. My highest loyalty is not to any particular idea or to any political party. Instead I seek to find the most compassionate and efficient solutions that will bring the greatest good to the greatest number – in this and future generations. This formula is not hard to discover when there is a will and a heart.

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