The proof isn't in the pudding, it's in the porridge
October 30, 2009 – by Susan Chandler, Progress Florida Blog

According to both political parties and most media sources, Floridians only have two choices for Governor in 2010, choices that the Orlando Sentinel's Greg Dawson parodied John Kennedy's "Profiles in Courage" to describe as displaying "Profiles in Porridge."
Dawson expressed displeasure that the anything-but-dynamic duo were arguing over who should protect Floridians from unscrupulous debt collectors. Each, of course, claims the responsibility falls to the other.
You know their names: Alex Sink and Bill McCollum.
And you know that they both have a lot of money behind them. Millions and millions and millions.
And you know that they both have unapologetic, unexplained party endorsements that circumvent our primary system.
The media covered each un-American anointment as if there is nothing unusual with both parties telling their registered members that no matter how much time and money they contribute, their preferences for candidates are (select one or all, according to how you believe the puppeteers perceive you) beside-the-point, ill-conceived, ridiculous, inconsequential, naive, plebeian, moronic.
I frankly don't care how the puppeteers perceive me or my fellow Floridians. It's time for them to care if we Floridians perceive them as (select one or all, according to the level you've personally been betrayed) power drunk, putrid, bought-and-paid-for, shallow, callow, delusional, despotic, despicable.
I'm backing Michael Arth for governor. With his powers of persuasion and power tools, he's made a life-sized working model of a revitalized Florida in Deland. No one needs to take my word for it, his website is very informative. Arth's not for sale personally, and he won't sell Floridians out. He doesn't claim to have all the answers, but his site proves he's given all the hard questions deep thought. His positions are admittedly open to change if new information warrants a revision.
Arth proved he can turn a hellhole into a haven; when someone displays the abilities to achieve that spectacular success, we ought to give ourselves the chance to benefit by a statewide application of the same principles.
There's evidence that neither Sink or McCollum even has the capacity to care whether the average Floridian flourishes or perishes - taking Dawson's parody a step further, they're "peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold, peas porridge in the pot, nine days old," appetizing to only the most dispirited among us.
Despite the heartbreaking injustices I blog about, I'm anything but dispirited. I'm saying it loud and clear, "Don't tread on me."
As a registered Democrat and a Precinct Captain, I demand that Karen Thurman retract her spurious support of Sink and let the two Democrats debate; the sooner, the better. I hope that registered Republicans will make the same demand of their state party leader, and see if a non-porridge Republican subsequently throws his or her hat into the ring.