Excerpts from Politicos are Hacking Away at our Choices

By SCOTT MAXWELL – Orlando Sentinel

Scott Maxwell at the Orlando Sentinel wrote a column today titled “Politicos are hacking away at our choices” with a sub–title on the second page, “Democrats –– sans democracy.”

He writes, “Highlighting the party elitism is Volusia Democrat Michael Arth...Arth decided to run for governor –– and had this silly idea that the Democratic Party would welcome another Democrat to the race... Boy, was he wrong...”

Maxwell concludes his meaty call–to–arms with, “...if Democrats want people to believe they're the party that stands up for the little guy, they shouldn't slam the door in the little guy's face when he stands up for himself.”

Read entire text of this article here.

Another excellent article, written by Pat Hatfield, Beacon Staff writer, titled “This Means War!” can be found here.

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