I was a raised a devout Catholic and attended a parochial school in Midland, Texas where I went to mass up to six times a week. I even considered being a priest – at least until I fully understood what the term “vow of celibacy” meant.

I no longer follow any organized religion, but I am still intensely concerned with the issues that occupy the world's religions. Throughout my life I have sought to understand our origin and our place in the cosmos. The part of religion that deals with compassion, morality, ethics, and tolerance is for me distilled into the Golden Rule, which is found in various religions. It is a simple formula for getting along and making the world a better place. I follow the Golden Rule of Sustainability: “Do unto present and future generations as you would have them do unto you.”

While I believe in the constitutional separation of church and state, I have been actively seeking cooperation with churches and other faith–oriented individuals and private charity groups in my efforts to build Villages for the Homeless that would consolidate efforts to minister to the mentally ill, those with substance abuse issue, and the homeless.