GOV'NOR: A man on a bicycle, with no money, takes on the fat cats,
dirty politics (and his wife) to run for Governor of Florida

Campaign Song with lyrics about the Issues:
“I am the Very Model of a Pragmatic Humanitarian”

Principles Above Party

Florida's problems are plentiful, but our leaders have done their best to hide them or make them worse by continuing the same failed policies. This has happened in our financial sector, in the sprawled–out cities, and in our costly and inequitable health care system. It has also happened with our social and judicial policies that have created an incarceration rate more than eight times that of Canada, and 14 times that of Denmark. Unfortunately, this is only a sampling of the wreckage left behind by irresponsible government.

I can help. My expertise, going back over three decades, involves designing homes, businesses, neighborhoods, and even towns, and then building them from the ground up. This experience has also helped me as a policy analyst. I deeply immerse myself in the interconnected issues to understand problems, and then come up with practical solutions designed to serve the highest common good. I intend to put these skills to work in bringing the future to Florida.

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Michael E. Arth trying out an electric car
Michael with daughter Sophie getting ready
to leave on "Biking Mike" tour of state.


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Why I am running for Governor



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